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I do value your time and will keep this intro informative but brief.


I am a Moscow State Teachers’ Training University graduate, with two degrees (BSc, MEd) obtained from this institution: the first (BSc) is in Pedagogy, another (MEd) is in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). The third degree (MA) is irrelevant to teaching profession, it was received from Moscow State University / Higher School of Economics (although it can be of certain benefit to learners studying Russian for business).

Language Fields

Military, Business, Politics and Mass Media. Prospective learners willing to practise Russian speaking / listening / reading / writing skills in these areas can get the most from my classes.


I am a Muscovite, originally from the south of Moscow (if you know the city well, this is Luzhniki area, famous by the Stadium where 1980 Olympics opening / closing ceremonies took place), so my Russian sounds with a recognisable Moscow accent.


This is another extra, which can be of some demand. I speak Ukrainian very fluently, quite close to the native level, but, obviously, my Ukrainian is not perfect due to Moscow accent.